JAZZATUDE stands for a mission: to preserve and cultivate the overwhelming musical cornucopia of the American Songbook with verve and spirit also in the 21st century. Four sophisticated musicians, emerging out of the vital Cologne jazz scene, have committed themselves to this challenge - and the outcome proves them right. For in the music of JAZZATUDE passion and playfulness mate with everlasting, masterly compositions. Even people usually considering jazz to be too stressful and exhausting abandon themselves with pleasure to the magic of a classy JAZZATUDE performance.

The wide repertoire incorporates swing songs - ranging from brisk up-tempo tunes via relaxed Las-Vegas-style evergreens to mellow, intense ballads - as well as Brazilian-style Bossa Nova gems and pop classics between soul and funk.


But now it's time for sounds instead of mere words - JAZZATUDE welcomes you and wishes you a delightful stopover!